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The wines marked "Broking*" are wines sold on behalf of a private suppliere. Please click here for Terms & conditiones of Sale for these wines. Please note: should your shopping basket also include broking wines, the VAT/Sales Tax shown is not correct.
Jahr Name Größe Region Kurzbeschreibung Art Bild Preis Broking  
Château.de Montifaud, Heritage Maurice Vallet Cognac Bt Cognac 495,00 EUR
633.33 EUR/l
Broking* 1 x 'Château.de Montifaud, Heritage Maurice Vallet Cognac' order
Hennessy No.1, Cognac Bt Cognac 1.750,00 EUR
2333.33 EUR/l
Broking* 1 x 'Hennessy No.1, Cognac' order
A.de Fussigny, Series Trés Rares Cognac Bt Cognac 125,00 EUR
166.67 EUR/l
Broking* 1 x 'A.de Fussigny, Series Trés Rares Cognac' order
Deau Eternité, Cognac Bt Cognac 45,00 EUR
60.00 EUR/l
Broking* 1 x 'Deau Eternité, Cognac' order
1875 Madeira Bastardo Bt Madeira Cossart Gordon 1.950,00 EUR
2600.00 EUR/l
1 x 'Madeira Bastardo' order
1904 Berry Bros. Grande Champagne des Heritiers Cognac Bt Cognac 1.750,00 EUR
2333.33 EUR/l
Broking* 1 x 'Berry Bros. Grande Champagne des Heritiers Cognac' order
1914 Barnett & Fils, Fine Champagne Cognac Bt Cognac 1.250,00 EUR
1666.67 EUR/l
Broking* 1 x 'Barnett & Fils, Fine Champagne Cognac' order
1937 Château Latour Bt Bordeaux Pauillac 795,00 EUR
1060.00 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Latour' order
1952 Rioja Vina Real Reserva Especial, CVNE Bt Spain CVNE 175,00 EUR
233.33 EUR/l
1 x 'Rioja Vina Real Reserva Especial, CVNE' order
1961 Château Palmer, lower-mid shoulder Bt Bordeaux Margaux, lower-mid shoulder 1.100,00 EUR
1466.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Palmer, lower-mid shoulder' order
1961 Château Palmer, low shouler Bt Bordeaux Margaux, low shoulder 950,00 EUR
1266.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Palmer, low shouler' order
1961 Château Giscours Bt Bordeaux Margaux 225,00 EUR
300.00 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Giscours' order
1964 Rioja Berberana, Cosecha Especial Bt Spain Berberana 110,00 EUR
146.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Rioja Berberana, Cosecha Especial' order
1964 Beaune Bt Burgundy Dampstained label 79,00 EUR
105.33 EUR/l
1 x 'Beaune' order
1964 Château Le Prieuré, Négociant bottling. Bt Bordeaux St. Emilion 75,00 EUR
100.00 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Le Prieuré, Négociant bottling.' order
1966 Château Fonreaud Bt Bordeaux Listrac 59,00 EUR
78.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Fonreaud' order
1966 Château La Mothe Bt Bordeaux Haut Médoc 59,00 EUR
78.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Château La Mothe' order
1966 Château Pape Clément, Négociant bottling. Bt Bordeaux Graves 125,00 EUR
166.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Château Pape Clément, Négociant bottling.' order
1967 Vougeot Premier Cru Bt Burgundy L´Heritier Guyot 95,00 EUR
126.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Vougeot Premier Cru' order
1969 Vouvray "Clos du Bourg" Molleaux Bt France - other Regions Domaine Huet 110,00 EUR
146.67 EUR/l
1 x 'Vouvray "Clos du Bourg" Molleaux' order
Hv=Halfbottle (0,37l) | Bt=Bottle (0,7l) | Mg=Magnum (1,5l) | Dm=Doublemagnum (3,0l) | Je=Jéroboam (4,5l) | Im=Impérial (6,0l)

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