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Vinopur - the best thing for wine since the Screwpull.

I was very impressed the first time I saw the Vinopur in action - finally a really useful wine tool that will pay back its price very fast.

It all started in a top restaurant in Monte Carlo. A friend of mine was having dinner with Rudolf Gantenbrink - a wine lover, graphic designer and self-taught engineer. (He is the inventor of the robot that was used in the Cheops pyramide recently). He comes from a renowned glass dynasty (Glasshütte Limburg).


only 110.- Euro

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It bothered Mr. Gantenbrink that a whole glass of wine was left in the bottle to be thrown away after decanting. Not only would he have loved to drink another glass of the 1959 Château Latour but it also angered him that quite a large sum of money was wasted in this way. It was this experience that made him start to experiment to find the ideal way to filter the depot of a wine without affecting the taste of the wine.

The result is the Vinopur, a tried and tested depot filter that can be used time after time without the need to buy any spare parts. It is made of industrial glass and can even be cleaned in the dish washer. It is very easy to use, you just place it on top of a glass or decanter and after a few minutes clear wine will be ready to enjoy.
It has been tested succesfully by the sommelier at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco more than 1.200 times.

If you drink valuable wines that needs decanting it will be obvious that investing in a Vinopur will be one of the smartest financial decisions you will make. Not to mention the joy that extra glass of 1959 Latour will bring you.