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Drinking History - Stories from wines and vintages 1870-1970 by Nuikki

Nuikki and the creative minds behind Drinking History are thrilled to present the first part of their prestigious Drinking History series. Published as deluxe single volumes each book is full of fascinating stories and beautiful fine-art photography.

only 79.- Euro english version
only 99.- Euro german version

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The author Pekka Nuikki was born in 1962, a year considered by many to be an underrated vintage! After a decade of drinking cheap Sauvignon blancs, the author's first glass of Chäteau Latour 1961 in 1988 marked the start of a lifelong love affair with wine. His interest in wine, however, goes far beyond just drinking it. Nuikki has worked as a part-time wine auctioneer,importer, judge and wine investment consultant to a broad range of international clients, specializing in fine, mature wines. But most importantly he is a recognized photographer and author. After seven art books, he published his first wine book in 2003. In Vino Veritas - collecting and investing in fine wines was an instant success. He is also the founder of The Vine Club and has been its President since 1989, annually publishing The Vine Report, a special wine publication for collectors and investors. His latest venture is the new Scandinavian Fine Wine Magazine. FINE is a high quality publication which will cover all the Nordic countries. Nuikki is both the Editor and Publisher of the magazine.
During the day Nuikki works as a Creative Director and partner in the Konsepti advertising agency in Helsinki and has been the recipient of more than 150 international art, photography and advertising award.

Drinking History is a precious rarity, a book that transcends the genre of wine literature to bring a new dimension to the enjoyment of fine wine. Unlike other wine books, Drinking History does not stop at taste but takes the reader on an extraordinary journey through the history and culture of the wine. This journey will enable its readers to learn something about the wines origins and the history of its development. The result is a provocative, unique and exciting experience for both wine enthusiasts and those who simply love to read a good book. It brings together a sensory evaluation of the world's finest mature wines, and the fascinating stories behind the wines and their vintages starting in 1870.
The book provides expert advice on the treatment of mature wines, their drinking time, decanting and durability in the glass. With hundreds of the world's best and most sought-after wines tasted, it tells how to make the best of your bottles (and how much to pay for them!). This beautifully illustrated volume is much more than just a good book, it is a piece of art that will take pride of place on any book shelf or coffee table, and is bound to give its readers profound and permanent pleasure for many years to come.
In short, this book is quite simply a must for all wine lovers who want to take their personal enjoyment of wine to new heights. As Nuikki says: "It´s no longer about just drinkingwine, it‚s about drinking history!"

Drinking History is very complete, well done, precise and professionnal book. Photos are magnificient.
An essential "material" for serious wine lovers.

Frederic Engerer
President of Château Latour

Drinking history is a monumental book on fine wines!
Nuikki is a true past master in the art of encouraging wine aficionados to drink history.
One of the greatest thing with such an informative book in that you can consult it before, during and after drinking! Additionally, I wish to say that pictures are second to none.

Christian Pol-Roger

The way Nuikki talks about vintages is unique and interesting: a touch of history, a touch of geography and economy when necessary, anecdotes and of course climatic information as well as your tasting notes at the end.
All these small touches, combined with surrealistic black and white photos that often evoke the mysterious atmosphere of certain old films, make an original book.

Jean-Philippe Delmas
Director of Château Haut-Brion